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The Whole Family Will Love It Here!

• We offer about 3 miles of Hiking/ATV Trails throughout the property which makes for an awesome opportunity to enjoy nature. Watch the bald eagle nesting or flying overhead, or sneak up on a pond and watch the beaver about his work, a coyote or deer or bear could wander through, plus you could fall asleep to the call of a loon.
• We have a great sandy bottom swimming area, and a play area with swings for the kids.
• Boat Launch and dock use $5. Per day maximum charge of $30.00 we offer tie downs in lake if you want to come in for lunch. (watch the wind)
• Dogs welcome with a $5. Per day charge maximum $30. No Barkers, must be on leash and please pick up after your dog.
• Volleyball net in place ( $15.00 refundable deposit for use of our ball)
• ATV’s welcome $5. Per day maximum $30. Please stay on side roads and be sensitive to other campers with safety, dust and noise.
• All visiting campers are subject to a $3/ person or $12/family fee to join you for the day at your site.
• Generators permissible please consider your neighbour (suggestion 1 hour during meal time)

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